International GNSS Service: Analysis Centre Workshop 2019



  • Michael Moore Overview of workshop
  • Zuheir Altamimi Roadmap for ITRF2020
  • Orbit Modelling

    Orbit Modelling

  • Michael Moore Overview of Orbit Modelling Session
  • Tim Springer Overview of White paper on Orbit Modelling
  • Rolf Dach Considerations about arc-length in GNSS processing
  • Sylvain Loyer Comparison of Application of Attitude Law models
  • Peter Steigenberger Transmit Power of GNSS Satellites
  • Rolf Dach Multi-GNSS Orbits
  • Erricos Pavlis Systematic Error Mitigation in SLR Products for ITRF2020
  • Thomas Herring Orbit Test Comparisons
  • High Frequency EOP

    High Frequency EOP

  • Michael Moore and Paul Rebischung Overview of HF EOP session
  • Aurore Sibois Analysis of high-frequency EOP (HFEOP) models and their impact on GPS data processing
  • Tim Springer Sub-Daily ERP Investigations
  • Antennas


  • Arturo Villiger Overview of Antenna Session
  • Rolf Dach GLONASS Satellite Orbit Modelling
  • Martin Schmitz Geo++ Absolute GNSS Antenna Calibration
  • Florian Zimmermann GNSS Antenna Calibration in the anechoic chamber
  • Arturo Villiger GNSS scale determination using chamber calibrated ground and space antenna pattern
  • Paul Rebischung Preliminary tests regarding the inclusion of Galileo in IGS repro3
  • Time Variable Gravity Models

    Time Variable Gravity Models

  • Torsten Mayer-Guerr Time Variable Gravity
  • Erricos Pavlis Gravity Modeling Changes for the ILRS Reanalysis for ITRF2020
  • Felix Personaz Update on time variable gravity models
  • Other Models

    Other Models

  • Jianghui Geng New products for IGS AC in repro3: phase biases for PPP ambiguity resolution
  • Sharyl Byram IGS Troposphere Working Group Repro3 Recommendations
  • Peter Steigenberger Long Filenames
  • Salim Masoumi IGS ACC v2.0 some preliminary test results and future direction
  • Pierre Sakic Towards a Multi-Constellation combination
  • Sylvain Lorent Orbex - Attitude exchange notes
  • Workshop Findings

    Workshop Findings

  • Michael Moore Workshop Recommendations

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