IGS Analysis Center Coordinator (ACC)


maintained by CODE

Antenna Information
  • Starting week 1709, the IGS reference frame was updated to IGb08 (IGS Mail 6663); the companion ATX file is igs08.atx. That is, igs08.atx is compatible with both IGS08 and IGb08.
  • Starting week 1632, the IGS antenna calibrations is igs08.atx (IGS Mails 6355 & 6374)
  • How to use IGS antenna phase center corrections (GPS World Tech Talk, 03 Feb 2010)
  • General information on IGS antennna files
  • Background on IGS antenna calibrations (IGS Mail 5189)
  • IGS switch to absolute antenna calibrations & IGS05 frame starting week 1400 (IGS Mail 5438)
  • Current antenna calibration file (igs05.atx)
  • IGS conventions for SINEX antenna + radome information

    12 JAN 2016, originator IGS ACC